Wild Wadi shoot, Dubai

May 23 2011
Wild Wadi shoot, Dubai Karan was recently commissioned to shoot a series of vibrant images for Dubai's Wild Wadi Waterpark. As you can see from the images chosen here from the shoot, he lent his trademark visual style to the project, capturing movement and exhilaration in stunning colour and clarity. Karan said: "Don't tell my kids, but... best part of the shoot was the recce, when I got to try out all the rides at the waterpark!" The Wild Wadi Waterpark includes 30 rides and attractions and is situated in front of the Burj al Arab. It has won lots of awards for technology and innovation, including the Dubai Quality Award Gold (2007). This project partnered award-winning photographer and award-winning subject - and the results speak for themselves. Karan was assisted on the shoot by Dan Brownsword and Kishen. Retouching was done by Sinisa Savic and the Producer was Arabian Eye. Wild Wadi shoot, Dubai is a post from Karan Kapoor's blog.
Wild Wadi shoot, Dubai - Karan Kapoor