Wild in Tuscany: commercial advertising shoot

July 21 2011
Wild in Tuscany: commercial advertising shoot Here's a sneak preview of just some of the stunning images Karan created for an international brand when he was asked to shoot a major campaign for them on location in beautiful Tuscany. The images, which have just been released, were shot last August. "This was a huge job," explains Karan. "It was a five-day shoot which involved flying in six models from London and setting up a big fake rainstorm. It represented a great opportunity for me to work with great bunch of models, a fantastic creative team and a major client and agency. "It was hard work - physical, long hours and strenuous - but there were plenty of bonuses. An amazing location, great food, a wonderful crew and - as you can see - a fantastic set of images at the end of it all. "One of our biggest challenges lay in creating the rain sequence you can see here. We were shooting at an incredible old Medici palace overlooking rolling hills... lovely views, but not so lovely for those who had to somehow get a huge tanker of water up the steep hill! And, wouldn't you know it, just before we started to shoot, we had a huge thunderstorm and downpour! It was quite bizarre as that's exactly what we wanted for the shoot, but as soon as we started work the sun came out. The rain you see in the images is, in fact, fake." Tuscany is a part of the world Karan hadn't visited prior to this shoot, but he'd love to go again. "We shot in various locations, from Florence to Siena," he says. "The scenery, landscape and light is simply stunning. It's a great part of the world, very inspiring." As well as these vibrant images, bursting with Karan's trademark energy and colour, here's a very short video clip, shot by Karan's assistant on camera phone. It captures the hard work - and the fun - which lies behind just one of the seemingly effortless sequences you see captured in these images. Get a sneak peak into what life is like on a high-end commercial photography shoot! [vimeo clip_id="26669023" height="" width="680"] There are 11 images in total from this shoot. To see them all, visit Karan's website. First assistant: Dan Brownsword Makeup and hair: Nadira Persud Stylist: Elizabeth Cavatorta Retoucher: Sinisa Savic Wild in Tuscany: commercial advertising shoot is a post from Karan Kapoor's blog.
Wild in Tuscany: commercial advertising shoot - Karan Kapoor