Waterworks interview in Digital SLR magazine

December 16 2011
Waterworks interview in Digital SLR magazine

In November 2011, Karan was interviewed for a feature in Digital SLR Photography, the UK's popular photography magazine. Features Editor Caroline Wilkinson wanted to find out about Karan's work, particularly the extensive amount of underwater photography he's done throughout his career, for clients including Atlantis Resorts in Dubai and Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant.

"For some reason, my work always tends to be about water," says Karan. "So I was very happy to talk to Digital SLR Photography magazine about the challenges of underwater photography and the techniques I use."

Many of Karan's commercial and advertising commissions have had an aquatic element, needing him to work underwater as well as from dry land.obs where I need to go underwater as well as be on land. "I've always been connected to water," he says, "so, in a way, it's fate that my career took this focus. It's just one aspect of what I do, but it does sum up my most iconic work. Underwater work has always been an important part of my portfolio and my profile."

Karan, who used to swim and play water polo as a child, still swims several times a week. "I love being in the water," he says, " and my kids love it, too. My wife however prefers to watch us swimming from the warmth of a sun lounger on the beach!"

For more information about the techniques and kit Karan uses for underwater commissions, and details of some of his underwater projects, click on the images to read the article.

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Waterworks interview in Digital SLR magazine - Karan Kapoor