Skyride photoshoot campaign

September 22 2011
Skyride photoshoot campaign Skyride city events are a nationwide series of summer events aimed at encouraging people to get on their bikes. In 2010, over 200,000 people took part in free-mass participation rides all over the UK. Karan was asked to shoot the campaign used to promote the 2011 events. It's a major campaign with a production to match: a section of London's Embankment was closed off for the purposes of shooting, and more than 20 models of all ages were hired for the day. "There was a real range of ages amongst the models," says Karan, "from grandparents to toddlers on bikes with stabilisers. The one thing they had in common was that they had to come hurtling down a steep bit of camber towards my camera lens! They all had to ride so close to me that I needed an assistant on each side to protect the camera lens - just in case! Thankfully nobody fell off their bike, but some of them were a bit shaky and I'll admit to being a little worried at times. Thankfully there were no accidents, just a couple of close calls!" The campaign was actually shot during the 2010 Skyride event, and there wasn't a lot of space for the action-packed shoot. To get the images, Karan had to lie on the ground (for about 10 hours!) and shoot upwards. "The remit was images which were full of movement and action, portraying a range of real people enjoying cycling," explains Karan. Although Karan has done work in the past for Sky, this was his first time working for Sky Creative and with Christopher Ringsell. CLIENT: SKYRIDE AGENCY: SKY CREATIVE HEAD OF PRINT CREATIVE: CHRISTOPHER RINGSELL STYLIST: LOU DE VILLE Skyride photoshoot campaign is a post from Karan Kapoor's blog
Skyride photoshoot campaign - Karan Kapoor