Royal Caribbean Cruises video project

March 19 2012
Royal Caribbean Cruises video project

Although he is best-known as a successful commercial and editorial photographer, Karan has a keen interest in video and its use in multi-media projects. He was recently commissioned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, the high-end cruise company. As part of a big-budget advertising and awareness campaign, the Times Square shuttle in New York City was transformed into a cruise vacation experience throughout February 2012.

Karan's input into project had two parts: video work, involving shooting interviews with passengers and staff of Royal Caribbean Cruises and and filming seacapes, and photographic work using seascapes and shots of the ship itself. The videos and images were then used to turn subway carriages into replicas of the cruise ship, as part of the innovative promotional project.

"I've done video work in the past," said Karan. "These days I believe that all photographers should be able to do both, as most commercial jobs demand at least one short bit of video to go on the internet or alongside a banner ad. This was a bit of an unusual commission, though, as I was originally only asked to do the video but then ended up taking the photographs, too."

Karan describes one particular high point of the shoot: "We needed to get aerial shots of the bay in Haiti," he said. "In order to get the shot, the Art Director and I ended up on a parasail, which was great fun but a bit terrifying. We got the shot we needed, though!"

These images show snapshots of the resulting installation.

Photographer: Karan Kapoor

Client: Royal Caribbean

Agency: J Walter Thompson

Art Director: Carlos Fernandez

Art Buyer: Sara Clark

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Royal Caribbean Cruises video project - Karan Kapoor