Karan Kapoors favourite personal work of 2012

January 7 2013
January is traditionally a time for reflection as well as looking forward. I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at 2012, particularly to my personal photography work, and to let you in on my absolute favourite images. As well as doing a lot of creative, advertising and commercial work for agencies and clients, I've always maintained a level of personal work in my portfolio. I enjoy it, and I feel it allows me to explore themes and techniques in my own time. Here are my top three examples of personal work from 2012. Cousins I'm particular fond of this image above, of a baby in his nappy looking at his cousin who is trying to balance a bubble on her head. This fun, vibrant image portrays everything that I love about photography: humour, spontaneity and the wonderful times when you manage to capture the seemingly-impossible "precise moment". Underwater The two underwater shots above started off (... as many favourite moments of personal work do!) as nothing particularly special. I was testing out some new underwater photography gear and asked my daughter to act as my model. All of my kids love swimming, and the resulting images really show how my daughter flourished in the other-worldy underwater element. For these, underwater shots I used a Canon 5d MK11, in a Aquatica housing with an Inon Z240 flash. Whatever kit you use and whatever your subject, I hope you enjoy your personal photography projects as much as I do. Karan Kapoor's favourite personal work of 2012 is a post from Karan Kapoor’s blog. His main website is here.
Karan Kapoors favourite personal work of 2012 - Karan Kapoor