Beauty photography and new gallery

May 10 2012
Beauty photography and new gallery Last year, Karan collaborated with makeup artist Nadira V Persaud on a personal project showcasing her makeup work (see this blog post). In April 2012, Karan once again worked with Nadira, and the resulting images play a central role in the new "Beauty" gallery on his website. "I have been interested in this style of portraiture for a long time," said Karan, "and have now given beauty photography a dedicated area on my website. Do take a look." The project began as a collaboration between Art Director Martin Yates and Nadira. Martin saw the previous beauty shoot and wanted to work together. He approached Karan and the project grew from there. During the shoot, Karan and Nadira worked to a brief, concentrating on creating the three distinct looks you see here. "The three models each have their own brand of beauty and their own distinct style," explained Karan, "and were perfectly suited to the three looks we worked towards. It was lovely working with Martin, who came up with come great ideas. The collaboration between myself, Martin and Nadira worked like a dream. We only had a few hours with each girl, but worked well together and managed to create some great stuff." The brief for the shoot included a "less is more" feel for skin and hair, with both Nadira and Karan working hard to create and capture luminosity and the natural beauty of skin. Nadira V Persaud blogged about the shoot here. To see more of Karan's beauty headshots and portraiture work, see his Beauty gallery on his website. Art Director: Martin Yates Makeup artist: Nadira V Persaud Photographer: Karan Kapoor Models: Cassandra at BMI, Keeley at nEVS, Shumi at Nevs Retoucher: Sinisa Savic Beauty photography and new gallery is a post from Karan Kapoor’s blog. His main website is here.
Beauty photography and new gallery - Karan Kapoor