“Active Lifestyle” photography project

April 8 2013
"Active Lifestyle" photography project Here are some images from my most recent personal project: an "active lifestyle" shoot I completed in March 2013. I worked on this shoot with Art Director Martin Yates. Ever since the beauty shoot we collaborated on in 2012, we've been keen to work on a completely different project: one that focused on energy, colour and movement. We decided on an athletic theme and set about looking for sports people, athletes, gymnasts and dancers to shoot. It took a while to find the right models and location but it was worth it, as I hope you'll agree! It was great to work with such strong, athletic, dynamic bodies and was a pleasure to capture them in motion as you can see from these shots. As always, planning, patience and careful casting (as well as having the best crew ever!) are all key to a stress-free shoot day and a successful set of images. More images from the Active Lifestyle shoot can be viewed at www.karankapoor.com Photographer: Karan Kapoor Art Director: Martin Yates Stylist: Thea Lewis-Yates Make-up and Hair: Hannah Paul Models: Katie Byrne, Antione Marc, Haylene Ryan (all are represented by WA Athletic Model Agency) "Active Lifestyle" photography project is a post from Karan Kapoor’s blog. His main website is www.karankapoor.com and you can follow him on Twitter here.
“Active Lifestyle” photography project - Karan Kapoor