Silver Gelatin Prints

October 16 2016
Here is a repost from an interview with Robin Bell, coutesy Tarq gallery.

It is very satisfying to me that I have been responsible for Karan’s falling in love with the silver gelatin print once more. He, like thousands of other photographers, had graduated away from the darkroom and had become used to the ways of digital output …a bright, unsaturated, in my view superficial representation of his work. He was touchingly “blown away” by seeing his work printed in silver gelatin for the first time in well over 20 years; and for my part, I was stunned by the brilliance of his photography, which is on a par with the greats of magnum or anyone else. He has that elusive thing we call “an eye”, which can conjure magic atmosphere from the most unpromising situations. I love his use of lenses and an innate sense of what goes where in the frame for best effect. I know that sounds a bit crass but it’s not a gift bestowed on everyone or on every photographer.

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Silver Gelatin Prints - Karan Kapoor