June 29 2016
A campaign shot for Red Heart.

Redheart England started in 1996, it’s their 20th anniversary this year. It started off as a small cottage industry making hand knitted sweaters from one champion knitter from the 1940’s. From the start, the sweaters had a special quality as Jacqueline Kroft researched patterns from the 1930’s and 1940’s and discovered long forgotten stitches and designs. Jacqueline came from a long line of dressmakers, tailors and diamond cutters from Antwerp, Belgium and had design in her makeup.

It was one hot summer day in 1998 that Jacqueline presented her first collection to egg on Kinnerton St.. It was the beginning of a long relationship with the previous art director of Issy Miyake, Maureen Doherty. From the beginning, Maureen and Jacqueline hit it off. Since then, many a film maker and composer have dawned her designs and Commes des Garcon faired her work in London and Tokyo. For the 20th anniversary of Redheart England, Jacqueline Kroft is launching it’s first integrated website, so that this exciting eccentric English design can be with you through the days and nights, the calm and the storms and through peace and revolutions.

Be different, be unique but be warm and comforted by Redheart England.

RED HEART - Karan Kapoor